Shortwave Wars

Shortwave Wars

GCN Host Alex Jones Caught On Camera Bullying Small Woman

Cryptocracy puppet Alex Jones was inadvertently captured on video as he badgered a 90 pound woman, and then sought to incite a gathering crowd to do physical harm to his prey. Already seeing the patriot tide turning against him because of GCN complicity in the recent woes at Patriot network We The People, Jones really put his foot in it when, during an unscheduled video recording, he was caught seeking to incite great harm to political figure Michelle Malkin.

It seems Jones was at the Democratic National Convention trying to garner media interest for himself (one of Alex’s favorite pastimes) when he encountered Malkin. For those unaware, Malkin is a Republican shill whose pro government work in a recent book clearly places her in the ranks of the tyranny emanating out of Washington.

However, as the rather large and brutish Jones confronted the tiny Asian girl, he looked like anything but a heroic patriot leader. Ironically, although Jones likes to orchestrate video footage placing himself in a positive light, he was caught on camera bullying the minuscule Malkin — who stood up to the loud mouthed moron.

As Jones pursued her through the gathering crowd, he failed to realize an Indy video cam caught his tirades, as he chased the dangerous little girl through the crowd — even as the gathering mob chanted Kill Michelle Malkin.
The episode added fuel to the long burning fires of suspicion that Jones is an unsuspecting dupe for New World Order interests who seek to monitor political opposition through the raising up of controlled dissent.

After all, the incident occurred at the Democratic National Convention, yet, true to form, nothing ever seems to happen to Alex Jones. Indeed, the murky money behind Alex at the Genesis Communications Network (GCN) has openly ripped off gold investors for hundreds of thousands of dollars in flaky gold and silver deals, yet whenever an investigation is opened, it mysteriously dissipates.

The subject of Alex Jones and GCN, and their hidden hand in the manipulation of supposedly competitive patriot radio networks such as Republic and We The People, is examined in the new Christian Media DVD entitled Shortwave Wars: A History Of Patriot Radio.

The 2-hour television special, based on the material found in the trilogy of books with the same name, features patriot network figure Francis Steffan of the American Voice Radio Network, and James Lloyd, the author of the books.

Best of all, the footage of Jones at the DNC is shown on the new DVD. See the ad for the program (available in DVD or VHS) on this page.




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